About Double L

Our company’s philosophy is based on quality service and environmental enhancement.

Our team of professionals includes landscape architects, experts. We employ people year-round and we train our own teams.

Our Job Administrative Supervisor oversees all on-site activities of our teams and we are proud of an excellent safety record. We carry full comprehensive insurance to insure client property protection.

Double L Enterprises is a Montague, Michigan family owned and operated business, now in its second decade of service. Gordon Lohman established the 20 year old company to do excavation, irrigation, landscaping and waste haulage.

Currently Kyle Lohman and Jeff Lohman are co-owners of Double L Enterprises. Kyle Lohman, 36, became president of the company because “I’m the people person”, he said. In 1988 he graduated from Montague High School then earned a two year degree in the turf program from the agriculture school at Michigan State University before joining the family business.

Jeff Lohman, 42, graduated from Montague High School in 1982 and attended Ferris State University. Accepted at the Michigan State Police Academy, he chose to instead join the family business, which recently completed the site preparation work for the emergency room addition at Hackley Hospital.

Kevin Lohman, 40, Division Manager of Christmas Décor, joined the Army on the delayed entry program the year before he graduated from Montague High School in 1983. After serving one enlistment, Kevin earned a degree in business management from the European division of the University of Maryland.